That’s a BIG one!⁠
IMHO we can do lots of small and big gestures. If we all do just one, I really think that we are making an impact somehow. The worst thing to do is nothing!!!⁠

Here are some of the thoughts that are on my reach along with local entities from UAE:⁠

✔️ Donate blood.⁠
✔️ Donate used clothing. In UAE you can start here @dubaicares⁠
✔️ Foster an animal. A good way to start in Dubai is @petterr_network⁠
✔️ Spread the word about diverse reasons on your community.⁠
See an thrilling fundraiser that an agency is hosting? Share it on Facebook! See an animal that’s up for adoption? Share it. There are such a lot of ways you could help an organization with just the clicking of a mouse.⁠

✔️ Donate something you made, you do not need it anymore or money to an organization that can use it. In UAE a perfect place to start is @aljalilauae⁠

✔️ Spread some kindness.⁠
Small acts of kindness can go a long way in making the world a higher place. Think approximately a time when someone did some thing surprising for you that brightened your day. Weren’t you a nicer man or woman for the rest of the day due to that?⁠

Send a person a message. Give a small gift. Make something for a person. Tell a person how much they mean to you. There are so many ways to brighten someone’s day⁠

✔️ Change your diet. ⁠
Many human beings will argue with the validity of this method to improve the world; however, what you buy reflects what you value.⁠

If you don’t need to become a vegetarian, attempt having one meat-loose day in step with week. If you don’t want to reduce your meat consumption, how about buying a few loose variety meat or eggs? Or, buy natural meals products. There are many ways you can change your weight-reduction plan to reflect your values.⁠

Photo by @williamnavarro_ on Unsplash. Thank you! you have stunning photos in your profile. ⁠

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