Squid vs Crab

In the calm waters of Dubai, humans enjoy a normal day at the beach. However, underwater, a life-to-death battle takes place every day.

While I was recording fishes, I saw a crab and decided to record it with my camera. At first, I didn’t realize the poor thing was being attacked by a squid. There is a scene where the crab makes a maneuver, attacking the Squid and trying to distract it by swimming to the surface.

It looked to me that the crab had a lot of experience in such encounters, and that it managed to survive in this hostile environment until it became an adult.

Every single day you can see the dead bodies of the crabs, and I was always wondering who were the killers. Well, mystery solved: Squids. I warn you that this video may hurt your feelings because unfortunately, it does not end well for the crab.

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This video was recorded with a

Canon PowerShot D30.

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Lenovo P51 DAW Software:

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I Hope you enjoy it!

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